With no Spanish language capacity other than "por favor," "gracias" and "baño,"  five years ago two friends and I visited Oaxaca for 10 days. We met with Flor for 2 hours, every other day. After our first meeting with her, we spoke only Spanish in her presence...actual sentences! Working with her was amazing and joyful. Our experience with this delightful, intelligent and talented teacher launched each of us on a dedicated Spanish language journey. Now we come back to Oaxaca every year...speaking our way through art classes, markets, and months of living among Oaxaqueños. And, of course, there is our phenomonal time of learning and laughing with Flor!

Joyce Clements -- San Francisco 
First time Spanish student

We are so pleased to have found Oaxaca Spanish Magic! The maestros provide a fun and encouraging place to learn. We studied here for three weeks and have improved our Spanish ten-fold. Oaxaca is a perfect place to spend a lot of time and learn Spanish.

Tal & Emilia Mor -- New York City 
Three weeks of studying Spanish pays off

A regular visitor to Mexico

From ESL to Español

A language aficionado

A family's serious effort to learn Spanish

A friar improves his Spanish

I love working with Flor. She is a born teacher who combines an intelligent approach to her craft with kindness and a sense of humour.

A native Oaxaqueñan, Flor has a thorough knowledge of the customs and culture of the area, which she is always ready to share generously with her students.

Lynda Wilde -- Kingston, Ontario, Canada 
I am an ESL teacher working in South San Francisco, California. Before discovering Oaxaca Spanish Magic, I had taken a few Spanish classes in the states. None of those classes were of the quality I found at Oaxaca Spanish Magic. If you want wonderfully trained, dedicated language teachers, and a warm, welcoming environment, I would recommend Oaxaca Spanish Magic.

Gail Schatz -- Moss Beach, CA
Having studied seven languages, I can say that the teachers I had at Oaxaca Spanish Magic were among the best I've ever had; demanding and patient, hardworking and thoughtful. They whipped my Spanish into shape in three weeks to the point that I'll now be able to really meet and talk to the people of Mexico and Central America as I continue a long drive south.

Tony D'Souza -- New York, author of Whiteman 
After studying Spanish for four months at Oaxaca Spanish Magic, my high school boys, who had no Spanish, have qualified for 2nd semester college Spanish. Their college teacher expressed surprise that they were able to acquire such good fluency in such a short time. The boys see themselves as Spanish speakers thanks to the skills of the talented and caring teachers at Oaxaca Spanish Magic. Alberto was expecially wonderful in teaching them not only Spanish but also got them to dance salsa and take Tae Kwan Do classes.

I can't say enough good things about Flor: her skills, her encouragement and care not only for our learning Spanish but for our happiness. We took wonderful field trips to experience colorful markets, to participate in local festivities including the meaningful Day of the Dead celebration. To learn Spanish, come to Oaxaca Spanish Magic where you will nto only learn language and culture but will also have fun.

Renee Riley -- Hawaii 
Muchas gracias por me enseñabas Español. Estoy feliz porque en seis semanas mi Español se mejora. ¿Recuerdas nuestra primera clase? Ahora, puedo hablar y escuchar y comrendar mucho mejor. Voy a regressar a mi pais con una fundación buena. Espero que voy a usar mi esañol en una iglesia este año.

Friar Anthony -- United States
Finding out how productive learning can be

A resident of México

My only regret about visiting Oaxaca for 5 months is that I didn't find Oaxaca Spanish Magic sooner I learned more in 5 weeks than I did at another school in 3 months! I will remember all the fun we had together.

Clinton -- Denver CO
A teacher found a school that welcomes all

Flor Irene is a wonderful teacher. I began to think so when, during my first class, she asked me to write a few paragraphs in Spanish identifying my weaknesses in the use of the language. To my list she added her own observations and then designed classes (interactions not lectures) that addressed my particular needs. Over the years I’ve studied with a good many teachers. Flor is one of the finest I’ve known.

George Colman -- Oaxaca 

Me encantó el tiempo que he pasado en Oaxaca, me habria gustado pasar mas semanas con Flor porque creo que es la mejor maestra, ahora tengo la habilidad para hablar con mas fluidez, comprendo mucho mas que cuando llegué, y ahora no tengo miedo de hablar, ahora tengo muchos amigos oaxaqueños, si tuviera la oportunidad de estudiar con Flor otra vez lo haria.

Ingeborg Sambeth -- Alemania
A visitor from Germany

Acabo de pasar el mejor mes de mi vida en Oaxaca. Esta escuela de español fue excelente. Mi profesor Alberto tuvo mucha paciencia conmigo. Definitivamente mi español mejoró mucho.  Aprendí en un mes mucho más que en todas las clases de español que tuve antes.  Los Oaxaqueños son muy simpaticos.  Gracias por una estancia muy placentera.

Glynn O'Callaghan -- Osset West Yorkshire, Inglaterra
A visitor from England

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A little girl learns to say thank you in Español

A visitor with a Spanish Name
¡Ay Flor!

No se que decir. Las clases fueron tan buenas, y aprendí muchisimo. Nunca voy a olvidarte y Spanish Magic. ¡Eres maravillosa! Espero que quedemos amigas. ¡Muchisimas gracias!

        Eliza Skoler -- St. Paul, MN
¡Gracias! Tuve un buen tiempo con ustedes Me diverti mucho.  Alberto es un maestro talentoso.  Estoy orgulloso que él haya sido mi maestro.  ¡Gracias por todo!

Roberto Estes -- Wimberley, TX
A promise to return

We completely enjoyed our week of classes.  With the help of a pre-test, our placement was very accurate.  Jessica couldn't have been better for us.  Jessica has an inate ability to read her student's learning needs.  She is charming, witty and loves to laugh.  She is incredibly patient and in general makes learning fun.  Our only regret is that we only had one week.  We've already decided that when we return to Oaxaca, we'll definately take more lessons at Oaxaca Spanish Magic.

Mitch and Mary Ann Hoppe -- Peachtree City, GA
A university student from France

Soy Lucia, soy francesa. Estudié el español durante tres semanas.  Al principio, no hablé español y casi no lo estudié en mi vida.  Tenía que aprenderlo por que despues hice mi practica para la universidad en un pueblo cerca de Oaxaca.  Y entonces en un mes de cursos con Flor y sus super maestros, pude hablar muy bien español y empecé a escribirlo.  Me gustó mucho la manera de aprender, la pedagogia de los cursos; muy ludica, los cursos tratan de la gramatica a traves de los temas de la cultura mexicana, de la vida contidiana etc.  Asi es por que todos los maestros son fantasticos, muy alegres de la vida, y saben transmitir su idioma, gracias a eso...¡son magicos!   Creo que si quieres mejorar tu español en Oaxaca, Oaxaca Spanish Magic es la mejor escuela. 

Lucia Lonqueu -- Blois, Francia
¡Mi experiencia en Oaxaca Spanish Magic fue excelente!  Los maestros som muy amables, tiene mucho talento y dan bienvenida a todos.  La escuela es muy comoda y intima para las clases pequeñas.

Dorothy  -- Teacher from Texas 
Oaxaca Spanish Magic

Some Feedback from Our Spanish Language Students

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