Spanish Language Classes in Oaxaca Can Be Fun!

The grammar that we teach is normally focused and applied in conversation because we know that students want to be able to talk and understand what they hear. It is far easier to understand grammar if there is a context in which you learn it.  The teachers at Oaxaca Spanish Magic are professionals. They are friendly and patient and have 9 to 15 years of experience. They understand the needs of students and use a variety of methods and techniques to help students learn Spanish. There are games, films, posters and music all of which help students discover the magic of learning Spanish in a quick and fun way. 

The classes cover grammar, conversation, exercises and homework. The topics covered include Spanish and Mexican culture, costumes, and both Mexican and Oaxacan traditions. The teachers enjoy teaching and seeing their students learn to write and speak Spanish.  The director, the teachers and the employees together make a team and offer quality learning in a professional atmosphere that is also friendly and fun. They offer many things that make the school different and work well. Oaxaca Spanish magic has a good library of visual and written learning material.

Oaxaca Spanish Magic offers private and group classes, Monday through Friday. Saturdays are normally reserved for private classes. No class has more than 5 or 6 students. Classes begin every Monday at 9 am. We recommend that you arrive at 8:30 am Monday morning and take a brief written and oral exam that will permit us to evaluate your skills. This allows us to place you in the right level class. If you want to begin the class on a different day of the week, that is also possible. You only need to take the exam. 

Generally the classes are four hours a day, but if you want to take less you can attend for three hours a day.   In addition to classes in Spanish, we offer classes or workshops in literature, the history of Mexico and conversation exchange opportunities.

We Have Three Levels

At this level, you learn the necessary vocabulary, simple verbs, and sentence structures so you can comfortably communicate as quickly as possible at home, in banks, restaurants, shops, and to speak with a doctor or pharmacist. We recommend taking 4 hours of class a day.

At this level you will already know more complicated vocabulary and more complex sentence structures, but want to learn more. The conversation becomes more challenging because you will being expressing your ideas and talking more quickly. Reading out loud becomes important in order to perfect pronunciation.

At this level you are looking to put your attention toward perfecting your Spanish. You understand most of what you hear but you want to expand your own vocabulary and speak fluently.   The school has a room devoted to listening to music in Spanish, books and reading materials to consult, and DVDs in Spanish.
Private Classes
Normally we offer private classes after 1 pm. The teacher will work with you to design a class that meets your needs. If you want , you can combine group and private classes.

Classes For Children
Classes are offered for children aged six and over. Classes are offered for three or four hours a day. The classes include: grammar, a little bit of writing, a lot of practice in pronunciation, games and songs in Spanish. Children are given homework that may require the parents help to complete. They will also have a notebook for drawing and painting what they learn. They will also learn to make Oaxacan handcrafts.  Our teachers have a great deal of patience and take a good deal of interest in what the children learn. When the chidren return home, they always want to come back to school.  If a child is younger than six, and the parent are studying at Oaxaca Spanish Magic, we have a nanny who can watch the children while the parents are in class.

Conversation Exchanges
A conversation exchange is when you practice speaking Spanish with a native Spanish speaker who at the same time wants to learn English. You take turns practicing Spanish and English. In addition to practicing your Spanish, you also can make a new friend, become familiar with a wider vocabulary and colloquial expressions and learn more about the culture and customs of Oaxaca.   It is an opportunity that you should not pass up. We can help you set this up. There is no charge for conversation exchanges .

Special Classes and Other Courses
The school offers courses and special classes to schools and universities. In addition to learning grammar, students will learn the vocabulary of their specialty. Classes or courses are offered in the following fields: - Medicine - Business - Law - Traditional Indigenous medicine  Also we are familiar with nonprofit organizations where you can volunteer while studying in Oaxaca.

Afternoon Activities
The first day students receive map of Oaxaca and recommendations for a pleasant and safe time here. There is much to do here and we are sure that you will enjoy your time here as if you were with a family of loved ones during your stay.   During the week or the weekends, the director or the teachers go with the students to different places. There is not a specific schedule but rather we customize based on students interests and so each week there are different days and different acativities. Examples of activities are:  taking salsa classes at the school or other types of dances at a dance school,  walking together around the city to discover new palces and activities, excursions to tourist destinations, with everyone paying their own expenses, classes in Oaxaqueño cooking, music classes, we also have informal get-togethers to celebrate birthdays, holidays, etc

Spanish Class in the Garden
Practicing Vocabulary Oaxaca Style
Student in a Spanish Group Class Asking a Question
Spanish Students Enjoying a Laugh
Spanish Class for Children
Afternoon Spanish Classes
Cooking As a Way to Learn More About Oaxacan Culture
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