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Oaxaca is a beautiful city located in the Oaxaca Valley renowned for its continuation of traditional Mexican culture and lifestyle. It is a center for traditional crafts and also has many interesting and important archeological sites.
Arriving by Airplane

The airport in Oaxaca, Benito Juarez, is about twenty minutes outside of town. There are direct flights from Mexico City, Monterey, Guadalajara, and Houston.

Arriving by Bus

Oaxaca is about six hours by direct bus from Mexico City. There are three bus stations in Mexico City each offering different service levels at different prices, from very economical to expensive and faster first class service. Buses leave every hour.

The school is in a very good location: 2 minutes from the church of Santo Domingo, 2 minutes from the Botanical Garden, 2 minutes from the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, 8 minutes from the zócalo, and 5 to 15 minutes from various museums. It is also 1 minute from a hospital, 1 to 2 minutes from pharmacies, 2 minutes from the supermarket, 2 minutes to several parks, and to 2 to 5 minutes from several internet cafes. There are also 3 gyms nearby.   And we offer wireless access on-site, 0 minutes!
Berriozábal 200,
Centro Histórico, Oaxaca

Location of Oaxaca and Our Spanish School

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Oaxaca Spanish Magic
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